Here Are Some Of The Craziest Lawsuits Ever Filed

Just ... WHY?!

The ability for ordinary citizens to file lawsuits against other people, corporations or the government is a way for the courts to ensure that every person's legal rights are being protected. 

Some, however, abuse the system just a little bit. With more than 15 million lawsuits filed every year in the United States, not all of them are really equal in merit. Some of these are actually so far past frivolous, they are just downright laughable.

The most recent video from Mental Floss hosted by The Fault in Our Stars author John Green breaks down the 24 most ridiculous lawsuits that have ever been filed.


1. Housewife vs. clothing store: Suing for $5 million over 80 cent dispute.

2. High school student vs. school district: Sued because he earned an A+ in a class, but it was recorded as just an A.

3. John Cage vs. Mike Batt: Copyright dispute regarding a completely silent track on an album.

4. Woman vs. Houston Police Department: Sued because she had to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show in the back of a squad car.

5. Man vs. Anheuser-Busch: Sued for $10,000 because of misleading advertising.

6. Two men vs. Subway: Sued because foot-long sandwiches were less than 12 inches long.

7. Husband vs. wife: Sued to take back a kidney he donated to his wife.

8. Man vs. photographer: Sued to recreate the wedding to get better pictures, even though he and his wife had already divorced.

9. Little league coach vs. player: Sued for $500,000 for pain and suffering after a batting helmet hit him in the ankle.

10. Woman vs. Monroe College: Sued for $72,000 because she hadn't found a job three months after graduation.

11. Woman vs. film distributor: Sued because the movie "Drive" wasn't like "The Fast and The Furious" series like she thought it would be.

12. Man vs. McDonald's: Sued because he was only given one napkin with his food, and he wanted more napkins.

13. Woman vs. Disney: Sued because she claims "Frozen" is based off of her life story.

14. Man vs. himself: Sued himself for $5 million for breaking the law, but wanted the state to pay because he couldn't afford it.

15. Man vs. David Blaine: Sued for $50 million because he claims the magician stole his godly powers.

16. Woman vs. Chuck E. Cheese: Sued for corrupting children by promoting gambling.

17. Man vs. NASA: Sued because NASA did not investigate a rock on Mars as potential alien life.

18. Man vs. hundreds of companies: Sued for more money than is in existence.

19. Man vs. Michael Jordan: Sued because the strong resemblance between the men is annoying and attracts unwanted attention.

20. Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade: Sued over a joke that LiLo claims was targeted at her.

21. Ron Livingston vs. Wikipedia editor: Sued because of offensive material added to the actor's Wiki page.

22. RIAA vs dead woman: Sued for illegal music downloads.

23. Man named Jack Ass vs. "Jackass": Sued for $10 million over plagiarism and defamation of his name.

24. Man vs. popcorn manufacturer: Sued because his extreme microwave popcorn habit caused his lung disease.

Want to know how these lawsuits actually turned out? Listen to John Green break it down here:

There's probably a fair number of people wondering where the lady who received more than $2.8 million for suing McDonald's because her coffee was hot is on this list. After all, it is basically the case by which all other lawsuits of this nature are compared.

The problem there was that the coffee was much hotter than was considered reasonable for human consumption. When it spilled in her lap, she required hospitalization and skin grafts to repair the third-degree burns she sustained.

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