10 Misconceptions About Diseases Everyone Should Stop Spreading

Anti-vaxxers need to listen to #9.

Everyone wants to stay healthy. Because of this natural instinct, people tend to cling to whatever medical advice they hear, without taking a moment to verify if it's true. This isn't great, because not only does it cause people to worry needlessly about things that aren't a big deal, but things that do warrant more caution can be downplayed to the point where they are dangerous.

Elliott Morgan of Mental Floss breaks down 10 misconceptions about diseases that are often repeated, but aren't true at all.


Misconception 1: Casual contact with skin can spread Ebola.

Misconception 2: People who had Ebola are still contagious.

Misconception 3: Alzheimer's Disease isn't lethal.

Misconception 4: Genetics is the sole determination if someone gets Alzheimer's.

Misconception 5: People often die from rabies infections.

Misconception 6: Not many people have Celiac disease.

Misconception 7: Being overweight and eating sugar is the cause of diabetes.

Misconception 8: Men are most susceptible to heart disease.

Misconception 9: Measles is not a big deal.

Misconception 10: Certain people are immune to Malaria.

Want to know why these are all bunk? Let Elliott explain:

[Via: Mental Floss]

[Header image: Mental Floss/iStockphoto]


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