27 Awkward 70s Fashion Ads That You Can't Unsee

What were they thinking?

Vintage fashion might be in, but some outfits from the 1970s look like they're from another dimension.

Men's fashion, in particular, featured short shorts, ponchos, clashing colors, onesies (yes, for men), bell-bottom pants with no zipper or button (how on earth did they go to the bathroom?) and scarf ties. Men even wore obnoxious wool-knit sweaters and crocheted vests with matching caps. We haven't even gotten to the handlebar mustaches that entire villages could hold onto.

Just be glad you did not live through this dreadful fashion period. Now, brace yourself, and take a look at these "groovy" 70s men's fashion ads:


1. How many different color pants and designs are there?

2. The guys on the left are looking away from the guys on the right.

3. Funtawear? Did they just make up a word?

4. Why do you need a poncho for volleyball?

5. At least it is 50 percent off.

6. More layers of clothes are needed here.

7. Why does your vest need a belt?

8. Annnnnd we have a onesie.

9. Which outfit is more embarrassing?

10. Dare you to go out in public with this on.

11. These are perfect for night... no one will see you.

12. All that's missing is a paper bag accessory to hide your face while you wear this outfit.

13. These are the "best" vests.

14. The guy in the middle is trying to be Napoleon.

15. Trying not to laugh.

16. If you dress the same as your friends, you can't make fun of them.

17. Is that guy trying to pull a "Captain Morgan" with a sheep?

18. An awful helmet to match the awful sweater.

19. How short can your shorts get?

20. How are these guys keeping a straight face with those clothes on?

21. They are playing tennis with that on?

22. The clash of colors.

23. You will need new friends if your current friends see you wearing this.

24. The chicken isn't even the weird part of this photo.

25. How high are you pulling up your pants?

26. It's like 70s Robin Hood.

27. Be grateful these fashion trends are history.

(H/T: BoredPanda)

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