'Castration For Rapists' Photo Series Calls Men To Help End Sexual Violence Against Women


What kind of man are you?

That's a question photographer Alexsandro Palombo poses in the second part of his #BriefMessage project. Last month, he featured women holding up their underwear with messages against sexual assault written on them. This time, for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, he photographed men holding up women's underwear with similar messages.

In an email to A Plus, Palombo said that he believes the way to stop gender violence is to get men involved, and to feature men who support women, not hurt them.

"Gender violence is a serious problem that can only be overcome through cultural and social education," he wrote. "Men must rebel against machismo and fight strongly gender violence. We must do it constantly and relentlessly."

The photo series shares the feelings of 13 male allies who are tired of the culture of sexual assault and the men who are complacent with it.

Needless to say, they don't hold back. 


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