Kids Explain Why Women Are Paid Less Than Men, And Some Of Them Are Totally On Point

"They're very underrated."

It seems simple: Women should be paid the same amount as men. Period. 

But that's not always the case in the workplace, and the gender pay gap is an issue that, unless settled, could greatly affect everyone's futures — especially our children's. 

So, in the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, the crew took to the streets to ask some of those very children why they think women are paid less than men. 

Unfortunately, some of their answers are less than ideal: "Because women care about shopping more than work," one girl says. Answers like this are pretty alarming, and prove it is up to us to encourage equal pay to all those listening, rather than inundating today's youth with negative messages about women in the workplace. 

On the bright side, at least a few of these kids totally nail their answers, and we can't help but applaud them.

Like one little boy, who thinks women are paid less because "they're very underrated," he begins. "They can do more but people expect them to do less. A lot of people underestimate them, and they could do so much more ... They can do whatever their heart tells them to do."

Another boy just keeps scratching his head, perhaps with a headache, the interviewer suggests — which is all too metaphorically fitting.


Be sure to watch the full video below:


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