Men Were Asked To Describe Their Ideal Woman. And It's Not A Skinny Blonde Bombshell.

Wait... What?!

Gentlemen prefer blondes, right?


Well... Not quite. At least not according to a study carried out by Badoo, a social network for meeting new people. 

Sorry, Marilyn. 

The study surveyed 2000 men in the UK about their preferences in women. And despite the fact that many of us think men are all about size 6-8 ( 2-4 in the US) blonde bombshells, this is not what the results suggest.

Every third man actually preferred brunettes, the study found.

A whooping 33.1 percent of men said that they found brunettes most attractive. Girls with blonde (29.5 percent), black (28.6 percent), and red (8.8 percent) hair came next. 

Almost 40 percent of guys said that their ideal woman is a size 8-10.

You read that just right. 38.8 percent of the men polled described their perfect lady as someone wearing a UK size 12-14, the equivalent of a size 8-10 in the US. 

Sure, magazines might be full of photos of skinny models, but men in the UK liked their ladies a little curvier. Only one in ten of the respondents preferred women who were UK size 6-8 (2-4 in the US).

Men like blue eyes best.

The study revealed that 40.2 percent of men prefer blue eyes in the opposite sex. Brown eyes came in second with 29.2 percent. Green eyes got 17.5 percent of the votes, and hazel scored 13.1 percent.

But guess what. Different countries have different preferences.

As Badoo's press release explains, the same study was later carried out in France, Spain, Italy, the United States and Brazil. There were some similarities in the results, but also some notable variance. 

In fact only the French said they preferred their woman skinny with all others saying they prefer average to curvy women.  

In all of the countries surveyed, black was the most popular hair color (except the UK). The UK was also the only country that opted for blue eyes, with brown and green topping the table around the world.

"I was amazed that blonde hair and size 8 did not top the list," said Lloyd Price from Badoo in the press release. "Magazines are full of skinny blonde models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl next door look."

And yet being drop-dead gorgeous has nothing to do with the color of your eyes or your dress size. It's all about having the right attitude, ladies.

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(H/T: Nsmbl)


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