These Guys Try To Explain Tampons, Miss The Mark And It's Hilarious

If men had periods.

While it's obvious that most men are clueless when it comes to feminine hygiene products, it's kinda funny when men try to guess how to use them. That was the case when Facts created a video in which guys were given tampons and asked to explain how they work. The men in the video, while funny, certainly built a new appreciation for women's health issues.

Here are nine reasons from the video that prove most men don't know squat about feminine hygiene products:


1. “You can easily mistake this for a herbal tea bag.”

2. Men trying to put the pads in underwear.

3. “Are you expected to keep the wrapper in your pocket?”

4. “It’s like a weird bullet thing.”

5. “There's no hole here. Where am I supposed to put this?”

6. “Leave the string hanging out of you like a party popper.”

7. “And then you just whip your hair back and forth.”

8. “If someone were to fill that up … like … that’s a lot of blood.”

9. And some guy made a mask out of a maxi pad.

Watch the full video:


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