We Asked Guys What They *Really* Think Of The Gifts They Receive

"You can never own too many watches."

Getting a present for a man in your life — be it a boyfriend, husband father, best friend, or other — can be a challenge. That's why many of us end up giving the same presents year after year. But while tokens such as a tie or a nice bottle of liquor may seem cliché, sometimes these types of gifts are genuinely appreciated ... others not so much. 

To find out which common "guy gifts" are worth giving, we sat down with four male participants — Imantas, Isaac, Jason and Ben — and asked their honest opinions. Check out the responses below for some insight. 


Imantas (top left), Isaac (top right), Jason (bottom left) and Ben (bottom right)

A nice watch.

Imantas: "Sure! Although I am not too big on wearing watches daily, good quality piece would definitely be nice to have and show off when I need to dress up for some random event."

Isaac: "Nice watches, especially ones that look good, are really hard to find. I'd be pretty happy if it were something I could wear every day without worrying about losing or breaking it. Something sleek, but not too pricey would go over really well."

Jason: "You can never own too many watches. There's always a different watch to wear for a different occasion. There are some that are better for a casual day out, work and some better for a party. Always nice to add a new shiny object to my collection. Watches are always a great present. Even if people rely on their phones to tell the time, it's a nice piece of jewelry."

Ben: "Depends on the watch, but I've received way too many watches as gifts and I never wear any of them."

A bottle of good liquor.

Imantas: "I love receiving high-quality liquor that I can add to my collection. I feel I am at the age where having a good bottle of Scotch whiskey at home is a necessity, so I would be more than happy to receive a bottle and have something other than beers to offer when friends come over."

Isaac: "It depends who the bottle came from. If it was a really nice bottle from a friend, I'd be stoked to share a drink and have something to sip on with dinner for a few weeks."

Jason: "I would love a bottle of booze. It saves me a trip to the liquor store and it's nice to know that I have something to relax with at the end of the day. Also, high-end whiskey can get expensive, so nice to know someone thinks of me that highly."

Ben: "Always a win."

Two tickets to see his fav artist.

Imantas: "I would be really stoked if I got tickets. And this is a win-win situation for a buyer, too. Because then he/she can go with me to see the concert."

Isaac: "This is always a winner in my book, especially if the person giving me the tickets gets one for themselves to come along. Concerts are best enjoyed with company, and live music is as good as it gets."

Jason: "Time to relax for the week to my favorite music. Sounds good to me. A great way to do something a little different than your normal activities and it will probably be a once in a lifetime experience as well. Every tour and show is a little bit different. Always a fun time."

Ben: "Awesome present. Love live music."

A cute puppy.

Imantas: "As much as I love puppies (I have adopted a Shih Tzu a few months ago) I just don't think it's a good present. By giving a puppy you basically put another person in a position where he/she will have to
take care of this little fur ball for the foreseeable future. Also, don't buy puppies, adopt instead!"

Isaac: "This would be super awesome for about five minutes until I realized I basically just inherited a small child. Few things are better than a puppy, but few things are more burdensome than inheriting responsibility you weren't prepared for. "

Jason: "A puppy! I mean, who wouldn't want a puppy? You'd be the best person ever to buy me a puppy."

Ben:"Whoa whoa. 'Happy birthday, here's some responsibility.' No, thank you."

A nice tie.

Imantas: "I don't like getting any clothing items as gifts. If you got me a wrong tie and I don't like it, I would want to return it. But I would probably end up keeping it so as not to hurt your feelings ...  but never end up wearing the tie."

Isaac: "This is a step above getting socks from your mother."

Jason: "Don't really wear ties too much. I guess it's good to have a few nice ones for different occasions, but unless I work in a field where I need it, not really sure if it would ever get much use. Appreciate it, but spend your money on something else more useful."

Ben: "I don't really wear ties often, but I guess this is convenient for when I do. Ties are surprisingly expensive."

A pair of hip sneakers.

Imantas: "This is the same as getting a tie. You can shoot and miss. Although if you succeed then yay! I just think it's too high of a risk."

Isaac: "Nice kicks, like a nice watch, are something every man should have. Shoes are also increasingly expensive, and I rarely have time to shop for the right pair, so I'd be pretty excited to snag a clean new set as a gift."

Jason: "Again, like a watch, something awesome to add to the collection. Different shoes for different days. Don't know a person who doesn't have some sort of shoe collection, and if I don't have to go shopping myself? Even better. Shows you know my taste as well if you get it right."

Ben: "I can't even buy shoes for myself. Half the time these will get returned, the other half the time I'll be too lazy to return them, but I'll try them on and then never wear them again."

Something handmade.

Imantas: "Yes! The best present is not the one with the biggest price tag but instead the one where a buyer put a lot of thought in it. If I get handmade personal gift, I instantly know that this person cares about me enough to go an extra mile to make me feel great!"

Isaac: "There's nothing better than seeing that someone put in the effort for something original that nobody else has. Regardless of whether it's the right gift or perfectly done, something personal and handmade will always be a winner. I highly recommend."

Jason: "This is cool because it shows you took the time to truly think of me as a person. Even if it isn't an expensive gift, it's has a lot of value and could be something I'll keep around for the rest of my life because of how personal it is. Shoes are gonna get thrown out eventually, watches can break, concerts are nice once in a while. I can look at this everyday."

Ben: "These are my favorites, but I guess it depends on the thing and the person."

Candlelit dinner.

Imantas: "This should not be a single present but instead one part of the night. It's a lovely touch and I would love to be treated to such a dinner but extra presents would be highly encouraged."

Isaac: "If it was at a restaurant I liked, it'd be tough not to love it. Food is always a reliable key to a man's heart, but I'd definitely suggest making sure they serve large portions."

Jason: "I would never turn down a good meal. Just bring some tasty wine. Nice of that person to put in the effort to cook for me. Make it a steak, too."

Ben: "I'm not really sure how this works as a gift. Depends on the person I'm eating the dinner with? If it's an S/O I guess it's kind of nice, but it's not really my style."

So now you know! We hope next time you're trying to give a thoughtful gift to a man in your life, it will be a tad easier. According to these guys, a nice bottle of liquor or a handmade gift is always a win, while expensive accessories sometimes can turn out to be a bit of a miss. And if you're really stuck, just remember, anything that comes from the heart will always be appreciated — even if it's just a meaningful card. 


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