15 Men Share How They'll Change In The Wake Of #MeToo

In order to combat sexual harassment and assault against women, men must play an active role as well.

On October 15, actress Alyssa Milano started a social media campaign using "#MeToo" to show women they're not alone in facing sexual assault and harassment. The campaign garnered thousands of responses, retweets, and likes within days, and as Milano had wanted, has succeeded in giving others "a sense of the magnitude of the problem."

Now, in response to Milano's effort, Mashable reports Sydney-based writer Benjamin Law has urged men to pledge to take action using #HowIWillChange. Law announced his campaign in a Twitter thread on October 16, telling men it is "our turn" to step up.


Aside from simply asking men to do their part to help eliminate sexual assault and harassment, Law provided several actions men (and others) can take to begin to address the widespread issue, echoing a previous effort by Toronto director Nicole Stamp. Some of his suggestions for men included confronting other men about sexism and reporting them for sexual assault when neceessary because "I have less to lose than women doing the same," and acknowledging sexual predators can also be friends or acquaintances.

Law also recognized questioning harassment and doing nothing about it does nothing to change the situation and stated men should receive no accolades for their efforts because women "do the heavy lifting" on a constant basis.

Law concluded his thread by stating "anything we offer to do using this hashtag is already done by women every day and they cop endless abuse for it."

Though Law's campaign has yet to take Twitter by storm as Milano's did, he has already received hundreds of meaningful replies to his all-important ask. The ways men promised to change included multiple vows to cease being an inactive bystander in the face of sexual harassment and assault, acknowledging their own capacity for harmful behavior, teaching younger men in their lives to respect women, and dozens more.

Take a look at some of the poignant and potentially impactful #HowIWillChange responses below:

Cover image via Shutterstock /  Wayne0216.


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