14 Men Get Real About Common Insecurities They Have, Reminding Us We Could All Stand To Be Less Self-Critical

"Can I be honest about my insecurities outside of the Internet?"

In a perfect world, we'd never feel insecure and would love every single thing about ourselves at all times. But the truth is, no one is perfect and every now and then, we all get a little insecure. What leads us to feeling insecure can be a number of things. Sometimes, our insecurities stem from narrow beauty standards, social media insecurity, societal expectations, comparisons to our peers, or even our own idea of what "perfection" looks like

Even though you may feel alone in your self-doubt, in reality, many of us share common insecurities.  Most people have physical insecurities, wishing they were taller, slimmer, shorter, had longer hair, whiter teeth, or any trait they feel they lack. Other insecurity examples don't have anything to do with physical appearance. Sometimes we have social or emotional insecurities. Think about the times you wished you had a different personality trait. Maybe you wished to be smarter, funnier, or "cooler" (whatever that means). Maybe you wanted to be less anxious, less stressed out, and just generally more relaxed. Many of us have an idea of what the ideal version of ourselves should look like. Thus, the list of insecurities runneth over. But don't let those thoughts get you down. 

There is nothing wrong with not being perfect. Even the most confident people have flaws. Also, FYI, confidence isn't based on perfection. Confidence is rooted in acceptance and love for yourself. Thanks to the Internet, many people are able to share their biggest insecurities with each other in safe and broad spaces, reminding us that no one is perfect and that it's totally OK. 

To show just how true this is, one Reddit user named BayAreaDreamer asked men to share their insecurities. many revealed things they may have never felt comfortable admitting before. There is so much pressure for men to fulfill a certain standard of masculinity and it leaves no room for feeling vulnerable or insecure. The thread included responses ranging from men's insecurities with dating, men's body image issues, men's insecurities about their masculinity, and more. 

Read on for some of the most common insecurities men have, and take comfort knowing we all experience these feelings of self-doubt. It just goes to show we could all stand to be a little less self-critical
















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