What It Sounds Like When Male Voices Share Women's Confessions About A Sexist Industry

Women's issues are everyone's issues.

Women are a powerful part of the global workforce, and the barriers broken down in the past few decades have proven that women are just as capable as men in the workplace. But decades of progress have not undone centuries of patriarchy, and sexism is a pervasive issue in many professional settings. 

When it comes to the advertising in particular, the gender imbalance within the industry is clear in the work it puts out; advertisements have long objectified women to cater to the male gaze. (And for those who argue that women are as much at fault for allowing themselves to be objectified, just think of what you would do if your career didn't offer many other options.)

A new video by ad agency TBWA attempts to show what it's like for women in the male-dominated industry. Men in advertising are put in front of the camera to recite quotes by their female counterparts about the sexism they face at work every day, and the result is a distressing look at the obstacles that women still have to overcome. 

Watch the video for yourself:



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