Guys See What It's Like To Put Makeup On In The Car And The Results Are A Hilarious Mess

"The only problem right now is... I wanna throw up."

If you've ever tried putting on makeup in a moving car, then you understand how downright impossible it is.

As drivers move over speed bumps, make quick stops at lights and signs, and switch in and out of fast-moving highway lanes, your mascara inevitably ends up all over your face and your eyeliner doesn't even come close to resembling a line.

So in a new video for Buzzfeed, men try putting on concealer, bronzer, mascara, eyeshadow, and more as women drive them all throughout town.

The results are hilariously entertaining.


"Too much?"

"The only problem right now is... I wanna throw up."

"It looks like somebody punched me in the face, right there."

"You're going to murder me. If I lose an eyeball it is your fault."

At the end of the video, the men compare their before-and-after looks and get rated by the women. 

A for effort? 

Be sure to watch the full video below for a laugh:


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