Study Proves That Men Really Do Prefer Curves — But Not The Ones You Think

Are they really all about that bass?

If you're like singer Meghan Trainor and think guys are all about that "bass," you may be onto something. 

A recent study by the University of Texas at Austin, published in Evolution and Human Behavior, revealed that men do find women with curves more attractive, but those curves aren't breasts or big behinds. Instead, the study showed that when researchers presented 100 men photos of women's bodies, each having a different angled spine curvature, the men found the images with a larger angle more attractive. 

UT Austin alumnus and Bilkent University psychologist David Lewis then conducted a second study to see if the men actually preferred bigger booties, or just the 45.5 degree spine curvature. 

This time, 200 men reviewed images of different bodies, all with varying spine curvatures and differing buttock sizes. 


The result?

Men preferred the images with the optimal spinal curve — regardless of the butt size.

"This enabled us to conclusively show that men prefer women who exhibit specific angles of spinal curvature over buttock mass," the study's co-author Eric Russell said in a University of Texas press release.

The researchers agree that these findings indicate a biological preference at play, since women with the optimal spine curves were more apt to carry the weight of a baby during pregnancy, and therefore, make more suitable mates.

"Men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury," Lewis said in the UT press release. 

Perhaps Trainor should change the song to "All About That 45 Degree Spinal Curve?"

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