Before And After Photos Show There Still Aren't Enough Women In Powerful Positions

This is astonishing.

If you look at how many women are in powerful positions, there is still rampant inequality.


This eye opening video, by ELLE UK, illustrates this fact.

They took photos of different types of high echelon environments and photoshopped the men out of them. 

One look at these before-and-after images and you can see how underrepresented women are in the halls of power.

These photos demonstrate that we still have a long when to go when it comes to having women in positions of influence.

In some of these photos, it's sometimes hard to pick out the women present, until the men are gone.

While women like Hilary Clinton have worked their way up the ladder, in this case, she appears lonely at the top.

The entertainment world is no different.

Watch the full video below to see more.


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