3 Men Were Photoshopped Into Their Ideal Body, And Became More Proud With One They've Got

“An important part of loving yourself and loving your body is loving your body and who you are every single day."

Dealing with the pressure to live up to society's beauty standards is a topic commonly discussed by women, but, of course, men also deal with insecurities when it comes to their body image. It can be difficult to see the flawless images of sculpted men in media, and not wonder what it would be like to make a few alterations to your own body. 

In a video for BuzzFeed, three men — Kane, Ben, and Chris —  were Photoshopped to look like their ideal body types. Kane wanted to see himself with toned abs, broader shoulders, and big biceps. Ben's ideal body type is broad shoulders, a slim waist, and overall very toned and fit. And, the one thing Chris would want is to be taller. 

"I'm a little nervous to get Photoshopped, so I'm hoping this process will motivate me to reach my fitness goals rather than make me just feel bad about my body," Ben said. 

"I would like to know what I look like kind of as a sense of closure," Chris said. "Being able to really examine how it makes me feel, I think it'll be healthy in the long run." 

After taking a few shirtless photos in the studio, the images were given to a graphic designer who transformed the men into their "ideal" selves. 

For Kane and Ben, seeing the edited photos helped them realize they're proud of the bodies they currently have, but it also helped to motivate them to work harder on their fitness goals. For Chris, seeing himself edited into a beauty ideal he can't change — his height — helped him realized that it doesn't fit him the way he'd imagined.

"There's something about how boyish my face looks that I'm not sure if it would work on a taller body and a taller torso," he said. "I like it, but I don't like it as much as I thought I would which makes me feel a little bit better about it."

Ultimately, Chris summed up the takeaway from the experiment pretty nicely: "Don't let yourself get in the way of achieving your goals, but, at the same time, an important part of loving yourself and loving your body is loving your body and who you are every single day, every single part of the process."


You can watch the video below.


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