Man And His Brother Have Passed The Same Birthday Card Back And Forth — For Over 40 Years

Well, that's one way to go green.

Unless it's homemade or has an incredibly sweet and personal message, giving someone a card is pretty much pointless. Still, in our society, it's considered polite, so right before every holiday or birthday, people run to wherever Hallmark cards are sold and pick up a pre-written one for their loved ones. 

But apparently, there's another way. You could just pass the same card back and forth for decades. That's exactly what Reddit user venusreincarnate's uncle and dad did. And he shared a photo of the card on the site as proof. 

He explained that in 1973, his dad Jeff gave his Uncle Ron a Peanuts birthday card with very specific instructions: "Don't throw this card away, recycle it to a friend." Naturally, that's what these two guys did and over 40 years later, the card (though slightly yellowed), has both of their signatures spanning almost five full decades. Which, if you do the math, is over 84 pointless cards that were saved from being bought.

Minus somewhere along the line where they forgot to sign a year — as indicated on the card but we'll forgive them — they've kept the tradition going. Jeff's son says he recently celebrated his birthday on June 28, which makes the card's newfound Reddit fame all the more exciting. 


"My dad will definitely be so happy with this experience! Thank you to everyone," venusreincarnate wrote. "You all made this experience amazing!"


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