Men Faced Their Fashion Fears For A Week To Overcome Their Insecurities

“Is this how Gaga feels?”

A few months ago, we shared a video of five women facing their fashion fears for a week by wearing styles of clothing that they'd been too nervous to try. In an effort to be more confident with their bodies and see if they've been missing out due to fear, they forced themselves to try low rise jeans, cleavage-bearing outfits, bodycon dresses, pants, and overalls. Because men have their own fashion fears too, the BuzzFeed team recently asked two men to try the experiment for themselves. 

In the video, Adam and Ben reveal insecurities with their bodies limits their style choices. Adam feels that his chest is bigger than he'd like it to be, so he most often opts for shirts that don't cling to or show an outline of his chest. Ben has been self-conscious about his stomach since he stopped working out as much and, although he loves crop tops, he never wears them because of it. 

"I have this term that I would always explain to my friends," Ben said. "I'm straight skinny, [but] I'm gay fat. There's not really a space for guys that are maybe just in between." 

Celebrity stylist Lex Orozco Cabral, who has worked with artists such as Nas, Damian Marley, and Santigold, worked with them to find seven pieces of clothing for the week that would help them test their fashion and body fears. He gave Ben shirts that would show off his chest, and Adam received crop tops that would reveal his stomach.

Watch as they test the waters with each new article of clothing.


"The more I wear these clothes, the more I realize that I pay a lot more attention to these things than anyone else does," Adam said. 

While they seemed happy when the challenge was over, both men revealed that the experiment helped them feel more confident with their bodies. They realized that their insecurities kept them from wearing clothes that they actually like. In the end, what matters most is that you wear clothes you love that you feel good in. 

"To anyone else struggling with body insecurity, I think it's just important to remember that a lot of people struggle with. I think it's empowering to know that you're not alone," Adam said. 


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