These Men Take On Stereotypes Of African People. And They Have Fun Doing It.

"Do you know who we are?"

For some people, perceptions of other cultures derive from movies, TV shows and media coverage — or lack thereof. Africa is a beautiful continent with a number of diverse countries with varying languages, dialects and cultural customs. 

Yet many mainstream platforms don't represent the continent for all its interesting and diverse attributes. 

In an entertaining, light and even comedic video, these four Kenyan men, Gabriel, Bernard, Brian and Derrick, set out to debunk some stereotypes they believe "the western world' often associates with the continent as a whole. 


They begin by asking an on-point question. "Do you know who we are?" The four men explain that in Hollywood movies, Africans are often perceived to have a few of these following stereotypes:

A fascination with machine guns.

A refusal to smile.

And a penchant for one-liners.

However, their biggest point was: "There is nothing more dangerous than a brave western protagonist."

The group of men laugh at the perceived Hollywood stereotypes. They explained that they're "likable and friendly guys" and joke that they are "even on Facebook." 

As a way to help change the perceptions, the men share a little more insight to what they're really like:

"Let's change the perception."

Gabriel, Bernard, Brian and Derrick end the video by discussing their respective career pursuits in clinical medicine and human resource management. 

After seeing a video created by an organization called Mama Hope, the group approached the organization with the idea to create a video to debunk stereotypes. 

Regardless of this group's specific career goals, in a fun way, they remind everyone how diverse, multi-faceted, strong and interesting the peoples of the African continent truly are — and that mainstream media may not always paint the full picture. 


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