Chinese Hospital Allows Men To Experience Childbirth For The First Time And It's Brutal


It's not a secret that women with children know that childbirth is no easy feat. Still, some men think they can handle it. 

So to put their money where their mouth is, a hospital in Jinan, China set up a labor simulation system that lets men feel what it's like to give birth. According to Yahoo, the doctors had a device that let them administer shocks to the subjects' muscles to simulate labor and contractions. 

As the videos below show, it wasn't a fun ordeal:


"The event was aimed at creating awareness and more respect for childbearing women, especially highlighting the entire laborious nine-month process leading up to birth," a spokesperson from the hospital told the Daily Mail in a statement.

And it looks like that message was loud and clear. 

"I must admit I was curious and if what I experienced is really what she goes through, then I have to say I have changed my attitude," Guang Liao, a dad-to-be, told Yahoo. 

Luckily for the men, they can walk away from the experience knowing they never have to go through the ordeal again. Women who want to give birth naturally, however, don't have that privilege. At least their partners will now have a little, maybe a lot, more sympathy.


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