Men Answer The Most Commonly Googled Questions About Men, And Offer Some Much-Needed Insight

Were your questions answered?

The Internet is one of our biggest search tools, but sometimes, it doesn't always give us the answers we're looking for. In a video for BuzzFeed, men answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about men, and their responses may give you some meaningful insight if you were wondering about any of these man-related topics. 

For instance, the first question is: "Why do men grow beards?" 

"I feel like I can speak to this," one guy with a full beard says in the video. "It keeps your face warm, it's [for] hiding ... plus it lets you channel a lumberjack spirit whenever you need to."

The questions then turn to other dating-related topics, like why men ghost and how men flirt

Then, there's the question: "Why do men catcall?" and it seems to churn up even more questions.


"I don't understand how people catcall," one guy says. "What makes you feel like this is OK or normal? It's dumb and it's disgusting."

Finally, people have, evidently, turned to Google to ask if men feel insecure. And while oftentimes, body-positive movements focus on women, these guys remind us that men feel self-conscious, too. In fact, in 2014, The Atlantic referenced a study from JAMA Pediatrics, that found that 18 percent of boys were concerned about their looks. 

"Guys are insecure at times. They question their appearance, they question how they speak," one guy says. 

"I think the number one insecurity for me would be physique," another adds. "Because there's always a strong pressure for men to look very muscular, very fit." 

Another guy admits that after a YouTube troll called him out for wearing particular kinds of clothes, he went out and bought a whole new wardrobe. 

Hopefully, exercises like these help enlighten people and to be more empathetic. 

Check it out below:


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