3 Men Decide To See What It Feels Like To Be Pregnant For 1 Month. Their Reactions Are Telling.

The great lengths that men go to honor their moms.

Meet Steve, Jonny and Jason.


These three guys decided to go where no man has gone before (that is, of course, if we don't count Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Junior") and experience for themselves what it is like to be nine months pregnant.

The rules for the project are simple. Three dads get to wear pregnancy suits for one month straight until the 15th of March, Mother's Day in the U.K. All of this, in honor of their own moms.

Steve, Jonny and Jason all happen to work together for the U.K.-based company called The Book Of Everyone. As they explain on the Three Pregnant Dads website, the idea was born in one of their meetings when talking about Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Say.

The website gives more details: 

How could the 3 men (all in their mid 40's) honour their mums and the memory of Anna Jarvis at the same time, in a way that will be tough, and meaningful?  What if we became pregnant?  Or as near as possible.  A thought became an idea which turned into an dare, and now there's no going back.

So now the trio runs the blog documenting their daily lives as heavenly pregnant dads. Scroll down to see some of our favorite bits and pieces.

Jason: Day One.

"It was a mixed day of emotions," Jason says in his video diary. "I think, there was quite a lot of excitement yesterday about embarking on this project. Followed by a lot of fear, actually, once we realized quite how heavy these suits are, and how heavy it will be to be pregnant. Not just for one day, but, actually, for the rest of the month."

Steve: Day Two.

"Well... that was an interesting night sleep," Steve breaths heavily. "If anybody out there has any tips for how to get a nice sleep while pregnant, please send it in."

Jonny: Day Five.

"Woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning feeling like a beached whale," Jonny confesses in the video.

Well, that's real dedication, guys. 

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