5 Memorial Day Fun Facts That You Might Not Have Known

818 hot dogs will be consumed every second.

This year, Memorial Day celebrates 150 years since the Civil War ended. It's also a day for BBQs, parades and ushering in the most glorious season of all: summer. To officially get you over the horrid winter we had, here are some Memorial Day fun facts to brush up on.


1. Over 37 million people will travel on Memorial Day Weekend.

According to AAA, Memorial Day will see 37.2 million people travel home for the long holiday weekend. If correct, the figure would be the highest number of Memorial Day travelers in 10 years.

2. Higher gas prices.

Unfortunately, gas prices will increase just in time for the holiday weekend travel rush, following a recent trend in rising fuel prices. Unleaded gas will cost $2.66 per gallon, but it is still considerably lower than that from three years ago today.

3. 1.5 million people will watch the parade on TV.

The National Memorial Day Parade is slated to take place on May 25 in Washington D.C., and 1.5 million people are expected to tune in.

4. Barbecues galore!

The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association ranks Memorial Day as the second most-popular holiday for barbecuing, after the 4th of July. An estimated 57 percent of people will be firing up their grills.

5. And lots and lots of hot dogs.

Peak hot dog season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. During that period, a staggering 818 hot dogs will be consumed every second, meaning that a grand total of 7 billion hot dogs eaten during those months. 


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