Which Of These Things Do You Remember About Your Childhood?

This brought back memories.

Alain de Botton and The School Of Life created this remarkable video that captures the things about being a kid that we may have forgotten.


Without a single line of dialogue, The School Of Life's "Memorable Things About Childhood" captures the essence of certain childhood moments that might otherwise wither in the gardens of our memories.

It's a gentle reminder that these moments are still accessible to us.

And that these moments are still very present for children.

There are moments of wonder.

Droplets leaving streaks on the window.

Dew sparkling on the grass on the way to school.

Not being allowed to go out and play.

Moments of profound upset.

Seeing your reflection when you cried.

Wondering why things were so unjust.

Promising yourself that you'd always be fair when you grew up.

Moments of tense anxiety.

Raised voices.

Wondering if they were fighting because of you.

And the best moments that life has to offer.

Jumping on the bed.

Being allowed to stay up past bedtime.

Having a best friend.

Relive some of those moments here.

And remember them.

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