Melissa McCarthy Delightfully Celebrates Her 'Surrogate Mom' Joan On 'Saturday Night Live'

The comedian gave a shout-out to all the moms in the audience during her monologue.

In honor of Mother's Day, host Melissa McCarthy used her monologue to praise the moms in the audience on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live. The comedian — and five-time host — offered a round of applause to the women for, among other things, the fact that their purses are now filled with "weird cracker crumbs and dirty Purell bottles." 

McCarthy, a mom herself, explained that since her mom couldn't be at the show, she was looking for "a little mom time," and offered mother and audience member Joan a backstage tour of SNL. The two encounter a pants-less Alec Baldwin, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (who are still waiting to be seated), and the famous SNL hallway llama on their jaunt around the studio. 

The tour ends with Joan at the stage door that McCarthy used a few moments earlier to enter the set and a moment that's sure to make it on Joan's list of the most memorable Mother's Days of all time. 

Watch the full sketch below:



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