Melissa McCarthy, James Corden, And Kristen Schaal Try Holding A Conversation While Wearing Mouthguards

Did you catch any of that?

We've all been there: lying in the dentist's chair, mouth stuffed with tubes, tools, and the occasional mouthguard, and our dentist tries asking us a question. 

The struggle to respond is real.

And on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Schaal attempt to conquer that struggle by holding a conversation with Corden while wearing mouthguards from their new film, The Boss.

Hilarity ensues right from the start, and, to be honest, we can barely make out a word anyone says. And when they all go to take a sip of water or blow some bubbles, it's all an instant disaster.

The video is pure entertainment and perhaps exactly what you need to get you through your week.

Be sure to check it out in full below:



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