After Having 3 Kids, This Mom Posed For Intimate Photographs For An Empowering Reason

"I wanted to see myself the way my husband saw me."

Motherhood is a celebration in and of itself. However, one aspect that many women struggle to fully come to terms with is their changing bodies during and after pregnancy. 

British Columbia-based photographer Trina Cary helped mom Melanie Varney, who had given birth to three children in one year, regain confidence by celebrating her body in a stunning, intimate photo shoot. 


Cary told A Plus via email that she wanted to do the shoot to help spread a message of emotion and beauty.

"As a boudoir and connectional [sic] artist I am always trying to evoke emotion and tell a story with my images. I also deal a lot with negativity toward nudity and women struggling with confidence and insecurities. I was inspired by an intimate couples shoot I saw online and decided it would be great to be able to put a message behind that and show some honest, raw, vulnerable emotion."

When Cary posted an open callout for models to appear in a lake photo shoot, Varney and her husband Gabby made the decision to get involved. 

Varney had her first child in 2013. Then a mere 364 days later, she gave birth to twins. After the pregnancies, Varney had struggled to accept the changes to her body, and told the Huffington Post she was inspired to do the shoot to build up her confidence."I wanted to see myself the way my husband saw me," she said. 

The resulting photo shoot channels all of her emotions, as well as the passion between Varney and her husband, into breathtaking images.

Not only are the photos beautiful to look at, they are also empowering for Varney.

Varney explained to the Huffington Post, "I wasn't able to choose the angles, suck in my tummy or filter over my bits. I felt vulnerable, but at the same time empowered." 

Cary told A Plus that she hopes others will also be able to relate to the shoot when they see the images and take something good away from it. 

"I hope people see two people willing to be vulnerable and raw to spread a message about love and insecurities. I hope mothers can relate to Mel and feel empowered to love themselves strongly and smile at their reflections in the mirror."

The intimate photo series has already impacted a number of people. They've gone viral and people are commenting about how they are touched by all of the love and beauty coming from the photos.

Head over to the Trina Cary Photography Facebook page to see the full series of images.


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