Man Writes Resume For 'Extremely Intelligent, Fun-Loving' Foster Dog To Help Her Get Adopted

Her weakness is "loving too much."

Having a good resume is essential for those looking for a new job. It should highlight skills, past experiences, and qualifications that show you're the perfect candidate. 

Megan Frantz's boyfriend clearly understands the power of a well-crafted resume, but he isn't using one to further his own career.


He created a resume for a foster dog named Mowgli to help her find a forever home.

Frantz recently posted the two-page resume on Twitter, and it is being shared online for its woof-derful take on a traditional resume. The resume features typical topics, such as objective, previous positions, awards, and references, but it also features plenty of dog puns.

The resume states that the Rwandan German Shepherd "seeks new best friend (or pack of best friends!) and long-term foster parent." The 4-year-old dog is looking for a position that will allow her to utilize her "loyalty, goofiness, loving companionship, incredible ability to zoom, and stunning good looks."

The resume even includes photos of Mowgli decked out in a red bandanna, lounging at the beach, and in a boat.

Mowgli's previous positions include being a good girl, village celebrity, professional coach potato, and a certified running partner. Highlights include, "eating an excessive amount of bones and treats," "ensuring treat time was administered on time and fairly," and providing moral support while snuggling.

Potential adopters should note that Mowgli did leave one position for "irreconcilable differences with a cat," and she has a weakness for loving too much.

If you're interested in adopting Mowgli, you can also contact her reference,  including dogs Sam and Milo, or humans Natalie, Sam, and Lydia.

(H/T: People)


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