Megan Fox Encourages Her Sons To Be Themselves And Wear What They Want — Even If It’s A 'Frozen' Dress

The actress shared photos of her kids on Instagram.

Actress Megan Fox, who says she grew up in a Pentecostal household that she has called an "oppressive environment," is not about to let her three young sons be burdened by the same limitations she had as a child.

Case in point: the mom to Noah, 4, Bodhi, 3, and Journey, 11 months (all of whose dad is fellow actor Brian Austin Green) posted a collage of never-before-seen photos of her children to Instagram on July 31, and seemed to take pride in and encourage her children's various forms of self-expression.


The sweet snapshots, seen below, feature (from clockwise) Noah wearing a dress with Princess Elsa from Frozen on it, Fox looking cool in aviator sunglasses, Bodhi sporting a pretend mustache, and Green with Journey strapped to his chest. 

Though Fox didn't include a caption to go with the photos, many users lauded her for allowing her kids to be who they are — dresses, mustaches, and all.

"Beautiful to see your boy expressing himself. My 4 year old son loves to play dress up (with dresses) and LOVES Frozen and I fear he will someday be judged for it, and how it will make him feel," one mom commented. "I just love letting him be who he is and that you do the same."

As Hello Giggles points out, Fox mentioned Noah's penchant for dresses back in a 2016 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after discussing her Pentecostal upbringing. "The boys can wear dresses," she said at the time. "Noah wears dresses, so there are no rules — you can be whatever you want to be in my house!"

Fox's willingness to embrace her son's sartorial choices is key. We've seen plenty of stories about girls playing male-dominated sports or wearing clothing that is typically seen as more "masculine," but boys don't often get opportunities to express that same fluidity.

However, Fox's photo of Noah is just the latest indicator that may slowly be changing. A few months ago, a Target campaign featuring a young boy with Down syndrome playing with Barbies went viral, and back in 2015 we shared the awesome reaction a dad had when his son picked out a princess doll during a visit to the toy store.

And like Fox, actor Liev Schreiber also encourages his children to express themselves however they wish. Last month, the Ray Donovan star's 8-year-old son Kai made headlines when he made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn.

Though everyone may not agree with Fox and Schreiber's choices, it's important their young children (and all kids, for that matter) embrace inclusivity in all forms and have the freedom to discover who they are without others placing restrictions on them.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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