Twitter User Owns Dude Who Assumed She Didn't Know Much About Sports

A hilarious approach to refuting gender stereotypes.

Megan Brown knows a thing or two about baseball. Which, apparently, comes as a surprise to some men.

Last week, the Twitter user and baseball fan sent out a screenshot to her followers. In it, a guy she was texting with told her he'd never met a girl who liked baseball when she mentioned her love for the game. 

Perhaps thinking he'd catch her off guard, he asked her to name the National League East teams "in the next 10 seconds" without Googling the answer. There are five teams in the division, and instead of simply naming them, Brown had a little fun.


Here is her tweet:

Brown, whose Twitter handle is @thatgirlondeck, enjoyed quite a few laughs with her followers at the unfortunate question. And though the exchange may have been funny, the reality it sheds light on is not quite as humorous. 

According to the Women's Media Center's most recent survey in 2014, 90 percent of all sports editors are white males, and only 9.6 percent of sports editors are women. As New York Daily News writer Kate Feldman explained on Twitter, even accomplished journalists working for respected publications like her face trouble in sports journalism. Her experience also speaks to a larger problem — even in professional situations, even in situations that require ID badges and pre-approved press passes, men don't believe women when they say they like sports..

So next time you make an assumption about women and sports, remember that you might just be talking to someone who's a bigger fan than you.


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