Seeing An Elephant Reunite With Its Mom Is A Lesson In Unconditional Love

Reunited and it feels so good.


On any given day, reading the news can get'chya down, because, let's face it, people in the world can be awful to one another, and bad things happen to good people all the effing time. 

But if you feel your heart slowly turning to stone, there is a cure. Literally just Google "Elephant Reunion," and you'll feel the warmth of the world once more. Literally. OMG. Literally.

And while YouTube is a goldmine for finding videos of young elephants reuniting with their mothers, one 2015 video posted by ElephantNews (above) stands apart as it is a particularly strong visual reminder of what unconditional love looks like. 

In it, we learn the story of MeBai, an elephant who was taken from her mother to be trained in a Thai elephant-riding service. When MeBai's health started to decline, however, a volunteer named Lek retired her to the Elephant Nature Park — an organization in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand, that helps rescue and rehabilitate elephants. 

"MeBai was nervous and wary of people when she first arrived at the sanctuary, but she quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way," it says in the video's description. 

When Lek realized the elephant's mother Mae Yui was at a camp near the sanctuary, Lek got Mae Yui's owner to take part in the Pamper a Pachyderm program to reunite the pair and work together to rehabilitate them so they can eventually return to the wild. 

In order to make the reunion happen, volunteers from non-profit organization Save Elephant Foundation took a four-day trek through the jungles of Thailand with MeBai to take her to her mother. 

According to the video's description, MeBai and Mae Yui had only been together for three and a half years prior to being taken away from one another. 

This kind of familial separation can be emotionally damaging to elephants, as they have very complex social bonds with other members of their herd, especially with their mothers and grandmothers. And according to Elephant Voices, there is true weight to the phrase "an elephant never forgets," as these animals can remember other individuals and places for years after seeing them. 

That's why it was no surprise that when MeBai was finally reunited with her mother at the end of the four-day journey that the animals showed visual signs of recognition and excitement. 

"Finally getting to see the reunion between the baby elephant and her mom after four days of trekking ... that moment at the end, that was just such a magical moment that you kind of only see in movies, and to see it in real life — it's really hard to put words to describe it, but it's just been an incredible journey, " says one of the volunteers in the video above. 

The only thing that could possibly make this moment any better would be if that Peaches & Herb song was playing in the background. 

Ah, reunited, and it feels so good.

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