These Musicians Got A Kick Out Of Jimmy Kimmel's Latest Round Of Mean Tweets

"Common is the Pottery Barn of rappers."

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Jimmy Kimmel gave us yet another installment of his hilarious Mean Tweets segment on Tuesday night, this time featuring some of the music industry's biggest stars. Artists from various genres joined together with a common purpose — laughing at the funniest insults the internet has to offer about them.

This time, the segment was packed with famous faces such as Nick Jonas, Usher, Pink, Common, Adam Levine, TLC, Fall Out Boy, Zendaya, Meghan Trainor, Niall Horan, and more.


Whether the celebrities are NFL stars or Oscar-nominated actors, we doubt we'll ever tire of watching them react to the misspelled, weirdly witty, or just plain absurd observations of their Twitter trolls. We especially love it when they have a comeback at the ready, although sometimes a disbelieving laugh is really the only response required.

Check out a few of our favorite reactions from the latest edition below.

Pink had a suggestion for how to improve this restaurant-related tweet about her: "I would have said Waffle House, but whatever."

Adam Levine was less concerned with his tweet's content, and more with its grammar: "Bro, this is riddled with mistakes."

Comparing Zendaya to spaghetti couldn't bring her down. In fact, she got a kick out of it, declaring, "That's awesome!"

Watch all the priceless reactions in the video below:


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