The 'Mean Girls' House Is For Sale, So You Can Finally Live That Regina George Life

This news is so fetch.

It's been over 10 years since the release of "Mean Girls," but the iconic comedy still keeps on giving. It was recently announced that the house Regina George owned in "Mean Girls" is for sale. Though the movie is set in the suburbs of Chicago, it was actually filmed in Toronto, so that's where the mansion is located. If you don't mind living in the Great White North (or shelling out $14.8 million for a piece of real estate) this could be the dream home for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't come complete with a "cool mom" or a Burn Book, but we definitely wouldn't mind owning this piece of movie history.

Many of the movie's most famous moments were set inside this house. In addition to Amy Pohler's hilarious "cool mom" quote, this is also where Regina casually admitted that she made her parents "trade her" their master bedroom, where Cady first called Ms. Norbury a "pusher," and where Regina's little sister shook her booty to "Milkshake." This place is legendary.

In real life, the house has 12 bathrooms, two marble staircases, a glorious crystal chandelier and 20,000 square feet of space. If you've got the dough, we can't think of a better investment. Plus, if the "Mean Girls" sequel ever happens, this house could play host to a whole new group of hilarious movie moments.


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