Crowds Flock To New York City For The First Meadows Festival At Citi Field

Chance The Rapper and Kanye West back to back? Yes, please.


Even though the New York Mets were away securing their wild-card berth against the Philadelphia Phillies, that didn’t mean Queens’ Citi Field was going to be quiet.

Instead of baseball fans taking over the tailgate area, music fans from New York and even as far away as Sweden piled in for the first Meadows Festival. 

Featuring artists and bands such as Chance The Rapper and Børns, the asphalt parking lot served as the place to be for the weekend.

Out of the concrete rose four concert stages, food trucks galore and, of course, some beverages to wash down the fare.

Personally, I was all about the new 1893 Pepsi Cola drink. A little bourbon and mint made for one very tasty beverage while taking in the tunes from the Linden Stage.

Once the bourbon was gone and Børns finished his cover of "Bennie and the Jets" and "Electric Love," it was time to move on to Electric Sky Rosé, kettle chips, and Chance The Rapper at The Meadows Stage.

The main stage was packed at least 100 (if not more) people deep all the way to the back fence.

The huge crowds didn't take away and only added to the atmosphere, as Chance took us on a journey through his greatest hits thus far as part of his Magnificent Coloring World Tour. 

Even though I saw Chance at the Made in America festival over the summer, it didn't take away from his performance this time around. 

His freshness and welcoming personality made this set feel different.

Perhaps it was seeing one of hip-hop's brightest stars in one of the more unlikely places in the Citi Field parking lot that made it unqiue. 

Or perhaps, it's the fact songs like "No Problem" has a certain way of riling up any crowd to the point where the energy bubble can't be contained and bursts as soon as the chorus hits.

The concert came to a close Sunday night with the one and only Kanye West.

If you wanted a good spot for his show, you had to show up hours beforehand to secure the best viewing spots. Since I was traveling all around and munching on brisket sandwiches, I had to settle for some space next to a bar in the middle of the crowd. Honestly, not the worst location at all. 

Even though Pablo was running a few minutes late, as soon as he came on, the people that were moaning and complaining immediately transitioned into excited jumping and rapping.

A mixture of old hits such as "Can't Tell Me Nothing" transitioned into new hits such as "Famous." Set amongst fiery red lights that streamed down from the "floating" platform above. 

Sadly, Ye' had to cancel his set early, as one of his assistants informed him that Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. Fortunately, she is OK and fortunately for the crowd that attended the first ever Meadows Festival, we definitely got more than enough of Pablo to satisfy us until next time.

Until then …

Check out some more pictures from the festival courtesy of Bryan Spitzer below.

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