A McDonald's Worker's Kind Surprise For A Teen With Autism Is Going Viral

Raising the bar for customer service.

The kind-hearted gestures from a McDonald's worker to a teenager with autism have struck a chord with the Internet thanks to a viral Facebook post.

On Monday, Katie Deyes took her 16-year-old brother Alex, who has autism, to a McDonald's restaurant in North Wales. Alex's caretaker had taken him there the day before.

According to Katie, a McDonald's employee named Aled Griffith demonstrated the best customer service imaginable during that first visit by encouraging Alex to order from the menu and count the money by himself.

When Alex returned to the restaurant with Katie, Griffith gave him an extra cup straight away, remembering that he'd needed one the day before. Upon seeing that Alex received the same toy in his Happy Meal as he had during the first visit, Griffith surprised Alex with a new, second toy.

"My brother loves collecting these toys so getting an extra, new one, was really exciting for him," Katie wrote on Facebook.

Katie wanted to ensure that Griffith received the recognition he deserved for his kindness, so she posted a photo of Alex and his new toys to McDonald's Facebook page. As of Friday, the post has received over 51,000 likes.

"I know Alex, myself and all of his family and carers really appreciate how he was treated and looked after — taking him anywhere can be quite a difficult task, and we usually opt for the drive through option, but Aled made it fun and easy for us both to go in and for Alex to enjoy his meal without any funny looks or comments," she wrote on Facebook. "Aled is a credit to the Mold McDonald's team (and McDonald's as a whole) and I felt he deserved a mention and massive thank you. Hope this gets back to him!"


News of Griffith's kind act reached McDonald's headquarters.

"We are delighted with the consideration and thoughtfulness Aled has shown to Katie and her brother Alex," a McDonald's spokeswoman said, according to The Mirror. "Aled is a valued member of the McDonald's crew and is testament to the brilliant young people we employ up and down the country."


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