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That's how you do it.

Rush hour at McDonald's in the middle of Chicago can be hectic.


However, one McDonald's worker put everything aside to help out one special customer who needed his assistance. Another customer, named Destiny Carreno, was on hand to capture the moment from start to finish.

While waiting in line, she noticed a man in a wheelchair, most likely a quadriplegic, wheel his way over to the cashier. He had trouble speaking, but managed to get out, "Help me please," as per Carreno's Facebook post.

Even though it was the busiest part of the day, the cashier, named Kenny, shut down his register to help. Neither Carreno or the McD's employee knew what he needed at first, but after suggesting a few things "he figured out the gentleman needed help cutting and eating his meal," Carreno said.

The next thing you know, the employee had put on rubber gloves and was at the man's table helping him cut his food.

The employee's boss, Rod Lubeznik went on to say, "It's a true testament to who Kenny is, and a reminder to us all that one seemingly small act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many," as per NBC Chicago.

It's truly amazing that an employee took the time out of his day to help a customer in need. Read the full story below.


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