With Amazing Piano And Vocal Skills, Two Doctors Prove There’s More Than One Way To Heal

"Music is medicine."

"As health care providers, we often meet people at their greatest time of need ... and sometimes the best gift you can give is a simple reminder that everything will be alright," Dr. Elvis Francois, an orthopedic surgery resident at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, wrote on Facebook. "Music is medicine."

With that, Francois shared a video of him singing a cover of Mike Yung's "Alright" alongside Dr. William Robinson, who plays the piano. Robinson is also an orthopedic surgery resident. 

The video has since gone viral, and it even landed the two on an episode of The Ellen Show. There, DeGeneres spoke with the resident doctors about why music is so important to their work. Robinson began by explaining that DeGeneres' message to "be kind to one another" inspired them.

"This video was our embodiment of that message. Elvis and I have been friends for a long time, we recently found that we had a shared passion in music. And we've also been realizing more and more that music and some of the intangibles play just as much a part of the healing [process] — and the spiritual and emotional healing — as does the drugs and surgery and everything else," he said. 


With that, Francois and Robinson take to DeGeneres' stage to perform "Alright," showcasing Francois' stunning vocals and Robinson's piano skills. Together, they make for one beautifully powerful duo. 

You can check it all out here:


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