12-Year-Old Australian Makes Hilarious Sign To Advocate For Marriage Equality

"I marched for the people who couldn’t."

After years and months of fighting for marriage equality, Australia is currently in the midst of a postal vote that could finally make same-sex marriage legal. Many rallies across the country have been held in support of marriage equality, and at one such rally on September 10, 12-year-old Max Townes's cheeky sign caught many people's attention.

The middle school student, who identifies as gay, held a sign that read, "All I want is the right to marry Chris Hemsworth. You've got five years until I'm 18 Australia! You too Chris!"

As one Twitter user said, the sign, — which you can see below courtesy of Townes's mom, Megan — is "heartwarming."


Even though Max kept his message lighthearted, he's fully aware of the importance of this vote and the profound impact it stands to have on Australia's LGBT community and LGBT people across the globe. "I know that I'm not actually going to marry Chris Hemsworth. It was a fun sign to draw attention to a serious matter," he told Gay Star News. "I have LGBTI friends and family and think they should be able to marry if they choose to. I marched for human rights."

The preteen with multi-colored hair added, "I marched for the people who couldn't."

According to The Guardian, Australians overwhelmingly support marriage equality. The publication found that, among those who have already voted, 72 percent voted yes while just 26 percent voted no.

However, as CNN points out, the vote (which began on September 12 and will conclude on November 7), is voluntary and nonbinding. In other words, the Australian government is not legally obliged to do anything regardless of the outcome of the vote and would have to pass legislation to make same-sex marriage law if Australia votes in favor.

Though several conservative politicians have already made it clear they will remain against same-sex unions no matter the outcome of the vote, Australia's prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has said he will introduce legislation if same-sex marriage is approved by the population.

"It's frustrating that the government hasn't made the decision themselves and the LGBTI community is now exposed to nasty comments that question our existence," Max told GSN.

And though Chris Hemsworth has yet to respond to Max's sign, the 34-year-old Australian actor is an ardent supporter of gay marriage. "Dear open minded, free speaking, laid back, life loving aussies. Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone!" he wrote on Instagram last month. 


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