This Hard-Hitting Poem Explains How We Let The Love Of Our Life Simply Pass By

They found love in a hopeless place. And then they lost it.

How does one find love? 

Is there a radar that we could buy or a private detective that we could hire to go out in the world and find that one special person we've all been promised at some point in our lives? 

Because who knows who they are, how they look like or where they are hiding. What number of seas and valleys separate you from each other. But actually ...

What if they're right here? Right here, right now, standing on the same subway platform next to you, waiting for the same chronically late train to arrive so they could go home and dream on about finding their better half? New York-based storyteller Max Stossel explores this scenario in his latest poem, "Subway Love."


Stossel starts by describing a pretty ordinary sight every New Yorker knows all too well: 'We stand an army of urban soldiers waiting for the train.'



Impatient. Almost blind to things happening around us.

But the poet suggests that by overlooking and treating others as simple nuisances who will likely take our seats once the train arrives, we are actually overlooking much more than that.

'What we don't see is the tragedy at play. As the love of each of our lives is standing just an arm's length away ...'

His poem, illustrated by this captivating video, goes on to explore what could happen if two random strangers locked eyes and gave each other a chance ...

They could probably pull each other into the subway train.

Dance like nobody's watching.

Go places they've never even dreamed of.

All it would take is that one glimpse. One glimpse that we are often too scared to give away ...

According to Stossel, he believes that this hope for unexpected romance is secretly lingering in every New Yorker's mind and those who do act upon it are rewarded with plenty of happiness.

So next time you're on the subway car, lift your chin from that telephone screen. Look around you. Smile and take a chance with someone.

Watch the full video below:


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