Pro Surfer Rides In Heels To Prove An Awesome Point About The Industry


For Maud Le Car, a professional female surfer, life on the water isn't all about glamour.

And she wants you to know it.

According to a short film by AlmoFilm, "Maud Le Car wants you to know that female pro surfers can look [glamorous] and talented at the same time."And while "surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports there today," she can still pull it off...

Recommended heels.

At the start of the film, Le Car sits with friends — enjoying some wine and conversation while sporting a little black dress and drop earrings.

Then, because she can, Le Car gets up from the table and takes off towards the ocean, high heels in hand.

And, of course, as she faces a vast, roaring ocean, Car tosses on those heels, hops up on her surfboard, and hangs ten...

In an interview with Volcom, Car described her surfing style, appropriately, as "radical and engaged," and even a bit "aggressive."

Moreover, she says that she loves her profession because it allows her to pursue her passion. "I always wanted to be a pro surfer and I work so hard for it so I am proud today to be living my dreams," she said.

Car is originally from Saint Martin and, according to the World Surf League, she is ranked fifteenth in the world. 

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: WhoWhatWear)


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