Artist's Animated GIFs Are So Mesmerizing That Once You Start, You Can't Stop

Can't look away.

Artist Matthias Brown's hand-drawn GIFs feature dancing flowers, looping portraits, and even a drumming panda.

His technique, called "rotoscoping," is one "where animators trace real footage frame by frame to create live-action animation with a hand-drawn feel," according to Design Taxi.


Brown has completed an array of work from different categories within the art realm including: graphic design, video and animation, and fine art photography and digital manipulation.

Brown tells A Plus in an email that when looking for inspiration for his moving images, he looks "at ways to manipulate and organize time and perception, how, ultimately, anything created is the organization of pieces combining to make a whole."

And according to his website, Brown has found much success, landing work for Converse, AXE Body Spray, Warby Parker, Olay, MTV, NBC, Tumblr, and many more. 

Additionally, he was even invited to the White House to make GIFs of the president. (Touché.)

"Tumblr had a Q&A with the president and I was invited to make GIFs of the event as it was taking place. It was surreal, felt almost like a movie set, since that's the only format I had seen the inside of the White House previously," Brown tells A Plus.

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