This Guy Didn't Feel Like Going To Work, So He Called In Sick And Went To New Zealand For 24 Hours Instead

That's how you live your life.

We all get the Monday blues from time to time. But we seriously doubt that anyone has resolved their work time sadness (insert Lana Del Rey joke here) as perfectly as this guy.

One morning, Brisbane, Australia-based music producer Matthew Philip Nainby woke up and decided that the planets didn't align the right way for him to go to work. So instead of putting on his white shirt and hitting the office, Nainby called in sick and booked a 24-hour trip to... New Zealand.

Real-life Ferris Bueller? You decide.


Nainby's flight took him straight to Queenstown, a resort town located next to the picturesque Lake Wakatipu and Southern Alps.

He got to enjoy New Zealand's stunning nature and took a bunch of pictures. Because YES!

Looking at Nainby's Instagrams, it's kind of hard to ignore the vagabond spirit hidden away inside all of us.

In one of his posts, Nainby wrote that his short escape to New Zealand has been "a momentous, thrilling, and somewhat magical time that [he] will not soon forget."

We're pretty sure views like this are impossible to erase from one's memory.

Watch the full video below.

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