Matthew McConaughey Gave Students At His Alma Mater A Safe Ride Home

"Longhorns take care of each other."

Matthew McConaughey is showing support for his alma mater and keeping students safe at the same time.


The actor and Texas native graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993, but his growing fame hasn't kept him away. McConaughey is a regular fixture on campus, giving motivational speeches to the football team and teaching a filmmaking course at the Moody College of Communication.

This week, McConaughey surprised UT students with a safe ride home as part of the SURE Walk (Students United for Rape Elimination) program, which "offers volunteer companionship on your walk home from campus ... in order to protect the students, provide peace-of-mind when studying late at night, and ensure safety for all." The services are available all week from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The university's student government shared a Facebook photo of McConaughey driving a golf cart with a few students on board late Monday night. "Longhorns take care of each other, and it's 'safe' to say Matthew McConaughey agrees," the post reads. "Don't forget to use SURE Walk when traveling home late at night; you never know who might pick you up!"

Another student shared a selfie with the actor-turned-chauffeur on Twitter and added that the meeting was a welcome stress reliever as final exams approach.

The Facebook post has since received more than 2,000 likes and hundreds of shares, but the comments section wouldn't be complete without a few cheesy jokes about the actor's public persona. "Hope nobody needs to turn left," reads one comment. "Because that golf cart is only going alright, alright, alright..." That is, of course, a reference to McConaughey's most famous catchphrase, which he first uttered in Dazed and Confused and repeated during his Oscars acceptances speech in 2014.

Might McConaughey document his volunteer experience on his newly discovered YouTube channel? We'll just have to stay subscribed and see.

(H/T: ET Online)


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