Matthew McConaughey Went All-Out To Congratulate Fellow Texan Nick Foles On Super Bowl Win

Even though he's a Washington fan.

Some things are bigger than football rivalries, as actor Matthew McConaughey recently proved when he congratulated Eagles quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles on his recent victory.


Although he plays for Philadelphia, Foles is a native of Austin, Texas. Fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey lives in Austin, but roots for Washington. As points out, Washington and the Eagles are division rivals. However, the actor put his roots over his NFL loyalties this weekend and took out a full-page ad in the Austin American-Statesman, giving his props to the QB.

"From one local to another, Congratulations Nick Foles," the ad reads. He added the motto "just keep livin" to close the message.

The phrase is also the name of McConaughey's charitable foundation, started with his wife Camila Alves. The organization sets up fitness and wellness programs in public schools, so not only is the actor's congratulatory gesture appropriate — it also sets a great example.

McConaughey has previously given back to the Austin community by giving students a safe ride home at his alma mater the University of Texas at Austin, where he supports the Longhorns.

As Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation points out in discussing the actor's ad, Austin happens to be three hours south of where the Dallas Cowboys are based: "So, to recap, a Redskin fan bought a newspaper ad in Cowboys territory to thank an Eagles quarterback."

Now that's what we'd call good sportsmanship.

(H/T: Sports Illustrated)


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