Matthew McConaughey Helps Deliver 4,500 Turkeys On 48th Birthday

"Let’s go make people happy and put some smiles on some faces ..."

Matthew McConaughey turned 48 this weekend — on Saturday, November 4 to be exact — and he spent the big day handing out gifts instead of receiving them. Partnering with Wild Turkey, the bourbon company he is a spokesperson for, the Oscar-winning actor handed out, well, turkeys.


The Dark Tower star shared multiple videos about the good deed on Facebook, starting with a speech at the distillery and another featuring a home visit — both in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Along with Butterball (which donated the Thanksgiving staple) and 250 volunteers (who donated their Saturdays), McConaughey helped deliver 4,500 turkeys.

"Thanksgiving, gratitude, we believe in our family that the more you're thankful for, the more that you show gratification, the more that you're gonna create in your life to be thankful for. I think it's kinda scientific and here's kind of living proof of it right here this morning," McConaughey told those who were there to help. "Let's go make people happy and put some smiles on some faces, deliver some turkeys, there's some people that are gonna be happy to get 'em. Just keep livin' (a reference to his own foundation), thanks for being here."

As for the home visits themselves, McConaughey posted one of him delivering a turkey to a group of women who called themselves "hot mamas." This, as it turned out, was a little awkward because, as McConaughey explained, "that's my nickname for my wife, I can't call y'all that."

The women were great sports and had great lines like "that's a sexy man carrying a turkey," as well as asking McConaughey if he had brought any Wild Turkey bourbon — to which he replied no but, in an excellent retort, joked that there was some hidden inside the Thanksgiving bird.

(H/T: People | Entertainment Tonight)

Cover image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock


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