She Called To Thank A Stranger For His Kindness, But Got This Shocking News

So touching.

Jamie-Lynne Knighten visited California and decided to buy some groceries at a local Trader Joe's one night in November. She brought her 5-month-old son Wyatt with her to the store. Upon paying for her groceries, something unexpected occurred.

"I go to pay with Wyatt crying in my arms and realize that I had left my debit card on the kitchen counter," Knighten wrote on her Facebook page. "So I scramble and find my Canadian credit card. Swipe. Decline. Swipe. Decline. Check my account on my phone even though I know it's fine. Realize that my bank put an anti-fraud hold on it because we were traveling and I forgot to notify them. My phone then dies before I can attempt to call and have the hold removed."

With a long line of disgruntled costumers forming behind her in the checkout lane, and a crying baby in her arms, Knighten was about to ask the store if they could hold her order, so that she could return later with her credit card.


All of a sudden, a young man approached her and performed an incredible act of kindness.

The young man, 28-year-old Matthew Jackson, asked, "May I? May I take care of your groceries?"

At first, she declined his generous offer, but he kept insisting.

"I would be glad to take care of your groceries as long as you promise to do it for someone else," the young man asked, according to Knighten's Facebook page.

He paid her $200 grocery bill. Afterward, she got his name and found out that he worked at a local LA Fitness gym.

A week later, Knighten called the gym to thank Jackson for his generosity.

"I finally had the chance to call his boss," she wrote on Facebook. "I wanted to let him know how incredible of an employee he has and to find out if I could get his last name to send him a thank you card and small gift."

She called the gym, spoke to the boss and asked to speak to Jackson. That's when the boss started to cry and told her the sad news.

Matthew Jackson was in a car crash the day after his kind act, and died.

"How does somebody do something so kind and so generous and then have something so tragic happen to them the very next day?" she said to ABC News.

Matthew's act of kindness also occurred on his mother's birthday.

"Matthew was always special to me," his mother, LeeAnn Krymow, told ABC News. "He was known for being a gentleman. He loved people. He had a heart for people and so much compassion."

Knighten wanted to ensure that she fulfilled Mathew's wish to pay it forward. She teamed up with Krymow to create a social media movement called "Matthew's Legacy," so people can read his story and share their own random kind acts.

It seems that the movement is spreading fast.

Before Jackson's sister attended the memorial service for her brother, she stopped to eat at a restaurant. While there, she received an awesome surprise when a stranger paid the check at the restaurant.

(H/T: ABC News)


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