These Mashups Of Food And Everyday Objects Will Leave You Hungry And Disturbed

Yum or yuck?

Donuts taste heavenly, right? But how would you like to wear them around your ears? 

Vancouver-based web and graphic designer Matija Erceg explores our strange relationship with food through his tongue-in-cheek photo manipulations. Erceg, who posts under the Instagram account @seriousdesign, created a series of images where he merges food with common everyday items.

Based on their visual similarities, Erceg creates unbelievable new products, such as as pizza iron, shrimp earbuds and butter Minoltas.


If Swiss designed the iPod.

According to Erceg, his entire project was inspired by "a pair of flip-flops with soles made out of steak." That weird sensation caused by one funny image encouraged him to start a project and try to "evoke the same reaction of delightful disgust in other people."

Currently, Erceg uses Photoshop to render his mouth-watering images. But he's also thinking about creating more tangible objects with the help of fake food artists.

Not a bad workout routine.

"Beats" by Dunkin' Donuts.

One onion ring to rule them all.

Uhm... No way. Just no.

Breakfast table tennis.

Every fan's dream come true.

All jokes aside, this would make ironing our favorite chore.

Ray Hams.

Say "butter!"

Just a gentle wisp of nostalgia.

Oh, and here's the steak clog that inspired it all.

To see more of Matija Erceg's work, please follow him on Instagram.

(H/T: Instagram Blog)

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