This Brand Celebrates Women's Bodies In All Stages Of Pregnancy And Postpartum

Rock that mom bod.

Since its launch, parenting and pregnancy clothing brand Storq has been dedicated to making mamas' lives easier and more comfortable by providing them with thoughtfully designed clothes. 

Now, the brand is taking its mission to empower women one step further by pledging to only use unretouched photos of real mothers of all shapes and sizes. 


Storq made the announcement on Instagram on June 23, writing, "Going forward, all images on our site will be unretouched and we will do our best to show how everything fits on different sizes, heights, stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and body types."

New products will be available in size 0 to 2X/22, with some styles going up to 3X/26 in the fall. And Storq isn't just celebrating the changing shape of pregnant and postpartum bodies, it's celebrating all aspects of parenthood.

"When you visit the site, you'll see moms with babes, nursing, playing, and even some nose picking. In other words, real life stuff," the brand writes. 

Storq acknowledges that there will still be more work to be done, but the brand is on an "onward and upward" swing. 

The news has gone viral with many praising the company's choice for deciding to showcase real moms in all their natural, unretouched glory, especially as a number of maternity brands only cast pregnant models or models wearing prosthetic bumps.

TODAY reports that Storq previously used models who were pregnant as opposed to using any props or prostheses. 

"The idea was to help women relate more naturally with the models on our site and to hopefully make their shopping experience easier because of it," Storq founder, Grace Kapin, told TODAY. "When you're pregnant and nursing, your body is unpredictable and seeing people who are going through the same thing as you can be a real lifeline during those times."

Based on the positive reaction to the images, it seems many people agree. 

One Instagram commenter said, "So glad to read this! [I'm] so tired of seeing unrealistic portrayals of women and mothers. Glad you're all getting on the inclusive realism boat!"

We hope more brands follow suit, and start using honest, candid maternity photos patrons can relate to. Already, we are seeing some changes in the industry as Elle reports that Destination Maternity Corp. has a Motherhood campaign featuring real expectant and new moms. Additionally, bridal line Tiffany Rose caters to expectant and nursing clients

We are certainly heading in the right direction. 

(H/T: Popsugar)


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