's Recent Survey Explores The Relationship Between Singles And Weed


Each year, polls thousands of people all over the U.S. (including non-members of their site) for the Singles in America survey. The survey reveals many surprising facts about relationships and dating, but this year told A Plus in a press release they are "exploring a new type of relationship — the one between singles and weed." 

After polling 5,000 people, Match. com revealed statistics on how marijuana affects dating. The information is pretty surprising and comes just in time for 4/20 — a favorite holiday for many pot-smokers. 

Based on the results of the survey, here are seven things you probably didn't know about reefers and relationships: 


1. Millennials may not smoke the most, but they're most likely to date someone who does.

Though younger generations may seem like the poster children for marijuana, Gen X'ers are the least likely to smoke weed. In fact, Baby Boomers are 57 percent more likely to toke and, perhaps surprisingly, the generation most likely to support marijuana legalization. 

While only 16 percent of millennials are more likely to smoke pot than Gen X'ers, roughly one third would consider dating someone who does. Both Gen X and Boomer singles followed closely behind with 30.7 percent and 28.6 percent, respectively. 

2. Forget Netflix and chill. Smokers want cannabis and commitment.

Data shows pot-smokers make great romantic partners. They are more likely to be actively looking for a commitment (44 percent), and an overwhelming number said they have had relationships in the past. 

3. And they don’t just get high — they also have high standards.

The majority of the stoners surveyed said they see relationships as an investment in their happiness. They're less likely to date someone unemployed, lives at home with their parents, or someone that is messier than they are.

4. Stoners have seriously great sex.

While many factors go into a healthy and successful relationship, smoking weed may be an unexpected benefit. Those who are "open to marijuana use" are more likely to have had multiple orgasms and, on average, reported nearly 4 percent more orgasms per sexual encounter. 

5. Toking isn't a turn-off.

Not only are most generations pretty open to dating a stoner, but singles said marijuana smoking was less of a turn-off than both heavy drinking and regular cigarette smoking. 

6. Pot-smoking singles are actually total catches.

Though smokers are often stereotyped as lazy and unmotivated, found the opposite to be true. Not only are those who support marijuana legalization more likely to exercise regularly, but they're even 65 percent more likely to have a professional or graduate degree than those who don't support legalization. Young adult smokers are also 18 percent more likely to be employed.

7. If you're searching for smoking hot singles, know where to look.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best cities to meet hotboxing hotties are often in the states with legalization laws. According to, the top five pot spots are: San Francisco, San Antonio, Nashville, Denver, and Seattle. 

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