'MasterChef's Season 6 Twist Will Take the Show to a Whole New Level

Twice the competition. Twice the glory.

Food dominates reality TV. It seems like every other week a new cooking competition or how-to show pops up. But not all of them are equally exciting to watch. "MasterChef," which begins its sixth season on Wednesday, is the most intense of the bunch. And, thanks to a special twist, the competition in "MasterChef" season 6 is going to get a whole lot tougher, right out of the gate. If you thought seasons one through five were hard — and they were — well, they've got nothing on this newest surprise. The game has changed.

Because now, instead of the usual 20 contestants vying for their shot at the title,  there will be 40. Twice as many chefs means there are only half as many spots available. By the end of the first episode (a special 2-hour premiere), half the hopefuls will have been eliminated. So don't get too attached to anyone, because there's no telling if they'll even make it to next week.

But it's not just the fact that half the cooks will have to say farewell before they even get to don a "MasterChef" apron. What makes this twist extra exciting is the way in which Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot, and new judge Christina Tosi will determine who stays and who goes: Chefs who specialize in various dishes will be pitted against each other, and only the strongest will survive.

You can see Ramsey explain the new twist to the "MasterChef" contestants here:


So, will you be watching "MasterChef" at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20? 


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