Canadian Men Continue Defying Stereotypes With Sensual 'Dudeoir' Photos, This Time — Country Style

Whoa there, cowboy!

Back in January, Canadian man Brendon Williams made Internet users (especially the female kind) swoon with his sultry, boudoir-inspired photo shoot dedicated to his wife as a birthday gift. 

The comment section was occupied by women oohing and aahing, and wishing their husbands came up with something creative like this. And it didn't take long for someone to hear their prayers.

Masika Allan, the creator of the original "dudeoir" photo shoot starring Williams, was recently contacted by a friend wanted to make a series of his own. Allan agreed without hesitation and the result is here for you to marvel.


According to the photographer, the model's wife was blown away by the original "dudeoir" photo shoot, so she begged her husband to do the same.

The photos were shot at the family's farm.

"I basically just followed him around while he was doing his daily chores, but made him pose in underwear while doing so," Allan told A Plus.

Well, if that's what daily farm chores look like, we'd definitely like to see more!

Check out more of Masika's country-style "dudeoir" photos below:


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